BlueGreen Alliance | Iowa


About the Iowa BlueGreen Alliance

Our History and Mission

In 2021, the Iowa Federation of Labor, the Iowa Environmental Law and Policy Center, the University of Iowa Labor Center, the BlueGreen Alliance, and dozens of Iowa labor and environmental organizations launched a series of statewide meetings to find common ground on two of the most urgent issues of our time: the climate crisis and the crisis of soaring income inequality and deteriorating labor standards. In our discussions, it became clear that our movements share many of the same values and confront many of the same challenges. We agreed that now, more than ever, we must work together to advance both equitable living-wage jobs and climate action to protect our communities and future generations.


The Iowa BlueGreen Alliance unites labor, environmental, and community organizations to promote climate action and good union jobs, a just transition for workers and communities negatively affected by the shift from fossil fuels, and a seat at the table for workers and marginalized communities in decisions that shape the new economy. Our work is conducted with a focus on widely-shared prosperity and equity to ensure that the transition to a clean energy economy is accessible and beneficial to all

To find out more about the Iowa BlueGreen Alliance, contact Bree Halverson.