BlueGreen Alliance | Iowa


About the Wisconsin BlueGreen Alliance

The Iowa BlueGreen Alliance is bringing together labor and environmental organizations who reject the notion that we have to choose between good jobs and environmental protection and insist that we can and must do both.

The BlueGreen Alliance formed a state table with the Iowa Federation of Labor and the University of Iowa Labor Center. The table first formed with the IA Labor Movement and then brought in Sierra Club and regional environmental organizations. Their first action was to put together principles to govern the table. Next, the table focused on picking its first project and getting labor standards on a solar project in Linn County, Iowa. There has been a strong anti-campaign. The environmental groups helped the Building Trades Unions work with the Utility companies to support labor standards for the project and sign agreements with the unions. Both the environmental groups and unions have been supportive of the solar projects at public meetings; the final vote will be early in 2022. 

To find out more about the Iowa BlueGreen Alliance, contact Bree Halverson.