America’s landmark fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards are working. These well-crafted standards, working hand-in-hand with sound manufacturing policy, have shown that the nation can lead in combating climate change while rebuilding American jobs and manufacturing.

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The BlueGreen Alliance brings together America’s largest labor unions and most influential environmental organizations to identify ways to turn today’s environmental challenges into job-creating and economic opportunities.

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about the impacts of climate change and the job-creating opportunities of environmental protections.

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between environmentalists, union members and other stakeholders on shared goals.

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for good jobs, a clean environment, and a thriving and fair economy.

Americans don’t have to choose between creating good jobs and protecting the environment. We can and must do both.

At a time when money was tight, one county in Michigan found a way to provide much needed energy and water efficiency upgrades to their buildings—creating quality local jobs, reducing pollution, and saving taxpayers' money along the way.

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In California, the BlueGreen Alliance worked with labor unions and environmental organizations to help enact SB 1371, which compels the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) to improve leak identification, repair, and avoidance, as well as better account for the climate change impact of natural gas leaks in the state’s natural gas distribution systems.

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Throughout our history, the BlueGreen Alliance has worked not just domestically, but also on the international stage with leaders of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to find solutions for climate change that also create economic opportunity and a just transition for those impacted by this move to a clean, low-carbon economy.

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Help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Minneapolis on September 23!

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Help us identify ways to turn today’s environmental challenges into job-creating and economic opportunities!

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