BlueGreen Alliance | White House Senior Advisor Ali Zaidi and Tim Ryan featured at BlueGreen Alliance and Third Way Event Buy Clean America

White House Senior Advisor Ali Zaidi and Tim Ryan featured at BlueGreen Alliance and Third Way Event Buy Clean America

March 30, 2023

The event also featured a keynote address from the Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Robin Carnahan on how Buy Clean policies will promote American competitiveness

Today, BlueGreen Alliance and Third Way hosted a summit at the Hamilton Live to discuss the future of Buy Clean and industrial policy and the importance of worker-centered policies. Policies that will not only help create a more affordable, reliable, and secure clean economy, but will create good-paying jobs for middle-class families in every American community.

As the European Union and other allies announce commitments to purchase cleaner materials, Buy Clean ensures that American industries remain competitive in an increasingly carbon-constrained, global marketplace. A recent report from Boston Consulting Group, commissioned by Third Way and Breakthrough Energy found that the U.S. could be a leader in competing for $5.4 trillion in the global steel market alone.

In a keynote address, GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan emphasized the importance of the General Services Administration’s role in implementing Buy Clean, “We’re at that moment right now while we’re facing the pressing need to address climate change—and we’re leveraging President Biden’s Investing in America agenda to boost domestic manufacturing and create good-paying union jobs. We’re working across the federal and state governments while partnering with industry so that we can foster American innovation and competitiveness, save taxpayer dollars, and build a healthier planet for everyone.”

White House National Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi also highlighted the crucial nature of Buy Clean policies in his keynote address, “To President Biden, Buy Clean means investing in the American workers that are putting steel in the ground and pouring the foundation for a new, clean energy economy. We know that our success is dependent on strong partnerships across all sectors of the economy. That’s why today’s convening is so important, and why I am proud to stand alongside labor and environmental leaders as we build this future together.”

The event included a series of panels from topics including Buying Clean: Leveraging Federal Purchasing Power to Secure Climate and Economic Goals; Adopting Best Practices: State and Private Sector Buy Clean Efforts; and Transforming Industry: Capitalizing on Investments in Clean Manufacturing.

The summit closed with a fireside chat between former Ohio Congressman and Third Way Senior Visiting Fellow Tim Ryan and Senior Fellow at American Progress Mike Williams.

Drawing on his decades of experience serving the working class communities of his congressional district, Tim Ryan urged the importance of listening to blue collar Americans on economic issues and connecting the dots on the tangible benefits of Buy Clean and the impressive commitments of the Biden Administration to spur clean manufacturing.

 “We have an opportunity to give purpose to our workers. It’s not just the entrepreneurs. It’s not just the investors. It’s the workers, the men and women who built the last industrial age are going to be the men and women who build the next Industrial Age,” said Senior Fellow and Former Congressman Tim Ryan during the Fireside Chat.

“By pairing historic investments in American manufacturing with policies like Buy Clean, the Biden Administration is getting more bang for the taxpayer buck to make our industries cleaner and more competitive,” said Josh Freed, Senior Vice President of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program. “Buy Clean puts the federal government’s massive purchasing power to work for America’s economy, creating domestic markets and good-paying jobs while addressing some of our trickiest sources of climate pollution.”

“We are honored to work with union, environmental, and business allies to meet our climate goals in a way that creates good-paying jobs,” said Jason Walsh, Executive Director at the BlueGreen Alliance. “Buy Clean is transforming the way the U.S. government does business. When the government buys steel and cement to build buildings and highways, Buy Clean helps ensure our taxpayer money supports clean manufacturing and good jobs in communities around the country. Done right, Buy Clean offers a win-win for the climate and U.S. workers.”