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Jan 29 2013

BlueGreen Alliance Congratulates Senator John Kerry on Confirmation as Secretary of State

Erin Bzymek, 202-706-6916,


WASHINGTON, DC (January 29, 2013) BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster today released the following statement after the Senate voted to approve the nomination of Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts to replace Hillary Clinton as secretary of state: 

“In the Senate, John Kerry showed exemplary leadership on the issue of climate change, calling for much-needed action. As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he traveled the world advocating this same message. There’s no one better prepared to take on this challenge today. 

“Senator Kerry couldn’t be more correct in saying climate change is ‘life-threatening.’ It is vital that the world achieves an international agreement to reduce carbon pollution. While we must pursue policies that will make the air and water cleaner in the U.S., warming surface temperatures and water levels are happening around the world, regardless of borders. 

“Our next secretary of state has a unique role in taking action on this issue and his expertise will help us to meet these challenges. We look forward to working with Senator Kerry as he continues to be a strong voice for action on climate change as secretary of state.” 


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