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Feb 12 2013

State of the Union: Respond to Climate Change, Invest in Clean Economy

Erin Bzymek,, 202-706-6916

WASHINGTON, DC (February 12, 2013) – Yesterday, BlueGreen Alliance leaders laid out six priorities that America must make to respond to climate change, prepare America’s infrastructure, and create good jobs for the American people. Following President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, the BlueGreen Alliance released this statement from Executive Director David Foster:

“Tonight, President Obama asked Americans to join him to respond to climate change, to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and to invest in the promise of clean energy manufacturing to create good jobs for the American people.

“Climate change is having a profound impact on our communities and our economy, and we can no longer wait for action. But this challenge also presents an economic opportunity for our country. Tonight President Obama put forward priorities that will allow us to meet the vital challenges we face today and create quality jobs. Investing in our nation’s infrastructure, strengthening the manufacturing sector and finding more ways to deploy clean energy across the country are the pathway to a better, stronger economy.

“The President’s commitment to making America a magnet for jobs and manufacturing and investing in the skills that will help workers perform those jobs will create jobs and strengthen our economy. Expanding investments in clean energy and curbing greenhouse emissions from existing power plants is key to responding to climate change. Investing in our infrastructure will prepare us for the new reality of climate change, help move people and goods more efficiently, and stimulate American manufacturing.

“Congress should heed the president’s call for action on climate change. In a few weeks, our nation will once again face the choice of whether to invest in the priorities that will put people back to work and prepare our nation for the future. We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to build a cleaner, stronger, and fairer America for the next generation.”


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