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Nov 7 2012

BlueGreen Alliance Statement on Propositions 32 and 39 in California

WASHINGTON, DC (November 2, 2012) The following is a statement from David Foster, Executive Director of the BlueGreen Alliance, on the electoral results of Propositions 32 and 39 in California. 

“Californians have again showed the importance of clean energy to their state and their economy by passing Proposition 39 and their wisdom in protecting the voices of working people by rejecting Proposition 32. 

“Proposition 39 will create tens of thousands of good jobs making California more energy efficient and supporting clean energy. In addition, closing the loophole will remove the incentive to keep jobs out-of-state — bringing back and securing thousands more good jobs — and providing funding for essential services in the state budget, such as education, health care, and public safety. 

“In rejecting Proposition 32, Californians have ensured that working peoples’ voice remains strong and that billionaires and corporations are not exempted from the discussion on campaign finance reform. Voters by a wide margin saw through this blatant attempt to silence working people in the political process. The BlueGreen Alliance was proud to help mobilize our members and supporters to help pass Proposition 39 and oppose Proposition 32.

“At a time when much of our country is still divided, Californians of every political stripe came together to show their support for a cleaner energy future, good jobs, and ensuring that no voice is removed from our political discussions, especially the voice of working people. That, in itself, should be heartening for every American.” 


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