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Good Jobs, Clean Environment, Green Economy

Repair America is our campaign to modernize the infrastructure systems we rely on every day both to address climate change and to create good jobs. Repairing these basic systems that we use for transportation, energy, communications, and clean water will both reduce the carbon pollution and greenhouse gases driving climate change and grow economic opportunity for millions of Americans by creating and maintaining quality, family-sustaining jobs. 

We’re at a make or break moment for our economy and environment. Infrastructure systems are the backbone of our economy, but we've neglected them for too long. Now, pipes under our cities rot away, leaking water or natural gas; roads that are congested cost us billions in lost gas and time and emit even more carbon pollution into our air; and our schools are falling apart, wasting energy and water. All of that both worsens climate change while at the same time making our communities more vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate—stronger storms, rising sea levels, floods, droughts and more.

Modernizing these systems now—and making sure they are resilient to the challenges a changing climate brings—is vital to America's economic and environmental future.

We invite you to join our Repair America campaign. Together, we can push forward common-sense solutions to fund these needed repairs—addressing climate change and creating millions of family-sustaining jobs for workers across the country. Click the links below or to the right to find out more about this effort.  

Making the Grade: How Investments in America’s Infrastructure Benefit Our Economy and Environment

Our innovative report shows that repairing America’s infrastructure could create 2.7 million jobs across the economy and increase the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $377 billion, while reducing carbon pollution and other greenhouse gas emissions and better protecting communities from the impacts of climate change. 

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) releases a report card depicting the condition and performance of America’s infrastructure across a number of sectors of the U.S. economy, the latest being the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Unfortunately, America consistently gets barely passing grades and our infrastructure systems are in dire need of modernization. In 2013, ASCE gave the nation’s infrastructure a grade of “D+,”  which is a slight improvement over previous “D” grades, and estimated that to get to a grade of “B” would require an investment of $3.6 trillion over the next seven years. It also showed that the gap between planned infrastructure investment and the amount required to achieve a good state of repair is currently an estimated $1.6 trillion dollars.   

This report delves into the economic impacts of closing that gap by accelerating infrastructure investment—using current financing approaches—to achieve a “B” grade over the next 10 years. Making these investments now will pay big dividends making our country more efficient and in reducing carbon pollution and other greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. See the full report here or click the links below or to the right.