Frank Houston


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Frank is very excited to be joining the team at BlueGreen Alliance and get to work with Michigan allies in organized labor, the environmental community and the private sector in promoting forward-thinking policies that create and retain good-paying jobs in the next generation automotive and new energy sectors.

In the 20+ years since, Frank has worked for a wide array of public policy issues including: advocating for fairness in the economy through pushing for fair wages and rights for workers, responsible tax and budget policies, and curbing predatory lending practices; promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and public health considerations as part of state-level energy and public health plans;working with health care advocates, providers, businesses and workers in expanding access to affordable, quality health care; and strengthening ethics in government while fighting for campaign finance and redistricting reform.

Frank has also provided coaching, training and strategic support for dozens of progressive leaders, decision-makers, for-profit and non-profit endeavors.

However, first among Frank’s personal and professional highlights, was leading successful efforts to raise the Minimum Wage in Michigan and Florida for millions of working people—with his now wife, Danielle Atkinson. Frank and Danielle live in Royal Oak, Michigan where they continue to fight for economic, racial and social justice with their five (and soon to be six) children: Eva, Livia, Josiah, Zinnia and Akiva. Frank loves sports, music and cooking and received his B.S. from Eastern Michigan University in Political Science and History with a Secondary Education Curriculum.