BlueGreen Alliance | BGA Letter of Support to Congress to Confirm Regan for US EPA Administrator

BGA Letter of Support to Congress to Confirm Regan for US EPA Administrator

As a coalition of the nation’s largest labor unions and environmental groups, collectively representing millions of members and supporters, the BlueGreen Alliance writes in full support of the nomination of Michael Regan to be the next Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

February 3, 2021

The next EPA Administrator has the opportunity—and duty—to restore the work of the EPA to protect communities and implement and enforce key protections, like the nation’s industrial safety rules that help protect communities, workers, and emergency responders from catastrophic industrial incidents; long-standing safeguards like the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, which have protected our environment and public health for decades; critical programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Chesapeake Bay program, which protect regional watersheds; and millions of dollars in critical infrastructure programs—like those that support our nation’s drinking water infrastructure.

Michael Regan is the right person for this job. And he will do all of this in ways that lift up communities and workers and prioritizes investments in workers and communities that need it most—including frontline communities and those workers and regions impacted by energy transition. 

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