BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Comments for EPA’s Risk Management Program Hearing

BlueGreen Alliance Comments for EPA’s Risk Management Program Hearing

The BlueGreen Alliance's Senior Policy Advisory Jessica Eckdish provided testimony during a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hearing in support of changes to the EPA's Risk Management Program designed to better protect first responders, workers and the communities around industrial facilities.

April 19, 2017

The BlueGreen Alliance’s Jessica Eckdish testified today at an EPA hearing on changes to the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) designed to make workers, first responders and communities around industrial chemical facilities safer. The revisions to the RMP rules were developed with extensive input from many of these experts, and they reflect the industry’s own interests in broadly improving process safety. While the revisions are intended to protect the safety of workers, first responders and communities, there is no question that they will also help ensure the integrity and operation of the nation’s critical industrial infrastructure.

We cannot afford to wait two more years for these basic improvements to take effect. We request that you take action to protect first responders, industrial workers, communities and our nation’s infrastructure by rejecting this extension of these important improvements.

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