BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Continues Call for Key Investments In Manufacturing With Nearly Half a Million Dollar Ad Campaign 

BlueGreen Alliance Continues Call for Key Investments In Manufacturing With Nearly Half a Million Dollar Ad Campaign 

October 1, 2021

Today, the BlueGreen Alliance, made up of some of the nation’s largest labor unions and environmental organizations, announced a series of ad buys totaling roughly $450,000. The ads, which will start running on October 4, will run in key states to call on members of Congress to deliver a Build Back Better package that meets the level of critical investment that is needed to create good-paying manufacturing and clean energy jobs, support dislocated energy workers, along with other essential investments in infrastructure and the care economy.
“Families and communities across America are ready for Congress to act for working people,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Jason Walsh. “We need a Build Back Better package that builds a clean, thriving, and equitable future, and we are calling on members of Congress to stand with workers and to pass a recovery plan that delivers on the promise of good-paying jobs and cleaner, healthier communities.” 

 A 2021 September survey released this week by the BlueGreen Alliance revealed the continued support for the Build Back Better plan by voters in four key Senate states, including Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and West Virginia. Results of the survey found that when voters were asked about the specific details included in the plan, respondents had favorable responses to the following: 

  • Rebuilding America’s water infrastructure to have cleaner, safer water, delivered more efficiently, and removing hazards like lead in water pipes while creating good-paying jobs (77%);
  • Ensuring that major public investments include requirements that the products, technology, and materials used are made in America and the jobs provide good pay and benefits (77%);
  • Rebuilding and retooling American manufacturing and modernizing our factories to build more products and clean technology here in the United States (72%);
  • Strengthening and supporting America’s human services workforce, including care providers, front-line healthcare workers, and educators (71%);
  • Upgrading and modernizing our schools to save money through energy efficiency and remove toxins from school environments (70%);
  • Prioritizing investments to communities that need it most, including and low-income communities and communities of color (68%) and energy workers and miners most affected by the transition to clean energy (63%); and
  • Setting stronger protections for organized labor, fair pay, and safe working conditions (65%). The nearly half a million-dollar ad run release follows the continued pressure the group has called on the Biden administration and Congressional leadership to provide a once-in-a-generation investment in American workers and families. This continued pressure includes: 
  • Rebuilding the Economy: A Manufacturing Plan for America Survey, highlighting the bipartisan voter support for a plan the group is calling for;
  • Top 10 Priorities to Build Back Better, a letter, urging lawmakers to pass a strong economic and manufacturing jobs plan;
  • A series of Instagram and Facebook advertisements running in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin;
  • BGA’s first-ever video ad, highlighting American workers and calling for a strong recovery plan to create good-paying manufacturing jobs in clean industries; and
  • American worker profile videos highlighting USW Local 105 members, Zack and Mike, who process the aluminum needed to make more fuel-efficient Ford trucks.  

Recently, the group held a webinar with members of Congress, labor, and environmental leaders titled, EVs Are Coming: Strengthening Auto Manufacturing and Building Good Jobs in the Shift to Electric Vehicles. The discussion included policies and actions needed to ensure the transition to electric vehicles leads to widespread adoption and drives the growth of good-paying jobs for auto and manufacturing workers and communities.