BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Urges EPA to Keep Chemical Disaster Rule

BlueGreen Alliance Urges EPA to Keep Chemical Disaster Rule

 The BlueGreen Alliance, a coalition of the nation’s largest labor unions and environmental organizations, collectively representing millions of members and supporters, urges the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stand up for industrial workers, first responders, and fence-line communities by withdrawing its proposal to rescind crucial amendments to the successful Risk Management Program and immediately implement the original Chemical Disaster Rule. 

August 23, 2018

The EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) covers 12,500 commercial and industrial facilities that use or store large amounts of specific, highly toxic or highly flammable chemicals. The Chemical Disaster Rule, finalized in January 2017, included much-needed improvements to the RMP, requiring companies to take steps to prevent chemical releases, fires, and explosions, while also working with first responders to improve emergency preparedness and coordination.

Too many Americans have had to evacuate, shelter in place, or race to pick up their children from school as an industrial fire burns or a chemical release heads their way. We request that the EPA take action to protect first responders, industrial workers, communities, and our nation’s infrastructure by withdrawing the proposed rescission of these important improvements. 

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