BlueGreen Alliance | Clean Manufacturing Leadership Act Will Transform Washington’s Industrial Sector

Clean Manufacturing Leadership Act Will Transform Washington’s Industrial Sector

April 21, 2023

SEATTLE – The Washington State Legislature delivered the Washington Clean Manufacturing Leadership Act (2SSB 5269) to Governor Inslee’s desk, where it awaits his signature. This bill was sponsored by State Senators Sharon Shewmake, Karen Keiser, Joe Nguyen, Emily Randall, Javier Valdez, and Lisa Wellman.

2SSB 5269 creates a statewide industrial strategy to strengthen Washington’s existing manufacturing base. The bill harnesses the more than $50 billion in industrial transformation investments in the Inflation Reduction Act to build a robust, low-carbon manufacturing economy in Washington State. This will support emerging industries like offshore wind as well as expand state production of clean energy technologies and low-carbon materials—including aluminum, electric vehicle batteries, and more.

The Washington Clean Manufacturing Leadership Act also expands capacity at the Department of Commerce to track, promote, and secure federal funding for in-state manufacturing.

Following the legislation’s passage, BlueGreen Alliance Washington State Policy Manager Dr. Jessica Koski issued a statement:

“The Inflation Reduction Act made an unprecedented investment in making the U.S. industrial sector the cleanest and most advanced in the world. These investments are expected to create 900,000 jobs around the country over the next decade. Washington State has boldly declared goals to significantly expand in-state manufacturing, and is poised to make excellent use of federal investments so we can realize our goals. With our strong climate commitments, skilled workforce, and existing world class manufacturing facilities, Washington is well-positioned to help start a clean manufacturing renaissance.

“The Washington Clean Manufacturing Leadership Act will seize this opportunity to manufacture our low-carbon future right here at home and grow a new generation of high-road manufacturing jobs. Thank you to Senator Shewmake for her leadership in ensuring the future of manufacturing in Washington, as well as better wages and a cleaner environment for our communities. The BlueGreen Alliance is proud to support this legislation and its implementation.”