BlueGreen Alliance | COP23: Statement of Principles

COP23: Statement of Principles

Over a year ago, on November 4th, 2016, the historic Paris agreement entered into force—faster than almost any agreement in history. Today, 169 Parties have signed or ratified the agreement and taken additional steps towards its implementation.

November 8, 2017

The BlueGreen Alliance, representing many of the United States’ biggest and most impactful labor unions and environmental organizations, called upon world leaders to come together to forge an agreement that would adhere to the principles of scientific urgency, fairness, and justice. The BlueGreen Alliance applauded the U.S. leadership in achieving this landmark deal, which, for the first time, recognized the impact of a transition to clean energy on workers and communities, and promised a regime that ensures a just transition. This agreement represents the first significant global effort to address the crisis of climate change, and we believe it lays the foundation for ensuring that the idea of addressing climate change is synonymous with creating and securing quality jobs and economic opportunities worldwide.

We must now work to realize the promise of this agreement. President Trump’s commitment to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement is an abdication of this country’s responsibility to fight the climate crisis and opportunity to create quality jobs in the clean economy. Since then, we have seen an outpouring of innovative and courageous BlueGreen Alliance leaders at the state and local level announce new and revitalized efforts to fight climate change, while creating quality jobs. Despite the president’s actions, Americans want comprehensive solutions to address the threat of climate change that put workers and communities first. American workers, businesses, conservationists, and citizens and leaders across the country support the Paris agreement and are committed to working in partnership with the global community to ensure its success.

Solving climate change can and should simultaneously build resilient infrastructure, improve community health and safety, safeguard wildlife, and strengthen and create economic opportunities and sustainability for all citizens. Through implementation of the Paris Agreement, we have an opportunity to achieve critical progress towards securing our environmental and economic future.

Use the link below to download our Statement of Principles that we believe will achieve this comprehensive vision.

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