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Congress took the first steps to address the immediate economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic when it passed legislation to provide paid time off to some workers and boost unemployment insurance, among other measures. This was a positive start, but facing an economy that will probably lose millions of jobs by this summer, more is needed and it is needed now.

March 21, 2020
BlueGreen Alliance Priorities for Robust Stimulus Package_Final_Page_01

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Congress must develop an economic stimulus package focused on working people and the public good.

A stimulus package must safeguard working peoples’ jobs, homes, and livelihoods. It must also include investments that will provide for a sustained economic recovery. Some companies and industries will need support, and we believe this must come with conditions to avoid permanent layoffs, secure jobs, and provide safe and fair working conditions. Handing over billions of dollars without standards would be unwise and would virtually ensure workers do not see the direct benefit of their hard-earned tax dollars. Working people must see the gains from any package.

We urge Congress to pass a robust set of stimulus packages that meet the following standards, principles, and conditions and incorporate the policy priorities we outlined immediately.

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