BlueGreen Alliance | Letter to the House: Oppose Energy Tax Prevention Act

Letter to the House: Oppose Energy Tax Prevention Act

The BlueGreen Alliance sent a letter to members of the House urging them to oppose the Energy Tax Prevention Act, saying it would block the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate greenhouse emissions under the Clean Air Act.

April 4, 2011

In its letter, the BlueGreen Alliance said this legislation would not only block the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to protect America’s families through the Clean Air Act, but it would also directly attack the scientific finding that climate change is a threat to public health and welfare.

In addition to overturning this science-based decision, supported by thousands of renowned scientists and science organizations, the legislation would directly prevent the EPA from regulating the pollution that causes climate change. This includes EPA’s clean car standards, which will lower American families’ gasoline bills. The effect of Upton’s bill will be to block EPA’s clean car standards and raise Americans’ gasoline bills.

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