Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initative: Manufacturing Better Business in Minneapolis Saint Paul

"Manufacturing Better Business" is a strategic plan to create good, green manufacturing jobs in Minneapolis Saint Paul.

June 22, 2010

mayorsThrough the Mayors’ Initiative on Green Manufacturing, Minneapolis Saint Paul has made a commitment to growing green jobs within the regional economy. Building on Phase I of the Initiative, and the findings of ancillary research inquiries during Phase II, this Market Strategic Plan (“Plan”) positions Thinc.GreenMSP as the leading initiative to help retain, grow and attract green manufacturing businesses and jobs in the Minneapolis Saint Paul region. The Plan reflects the evolving nature of Minneapolis Saint Paul’s vision, experience and comparative advantages in manufacturing within the larger context of the global green economy. Committed to helping existing manufacturers become cleaner, supporting the growth of green manufacturers and attracting out-of-market manufacturers that are considering relocation, Thinc.GreenMSP will become the region’s accepted private-public voice for green manufacturing.

*The Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Partnership is supported by the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation.

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