BlueGreen Alliance | New Survey of West Virginia Voters Reveals Support for Provisions in Build Back Better Plan

New Survey of West Virginia Voters Reveals Support for Provisions in Build Back Better Plan

September 28, 2021

A new survey of voters in West Virginia reveals support for many provisions included in the Build Back Better plan—the broad economic, infrastructure, care economy, and climate crisis package currently being considered by Congress. Specifically the survey found that West Virginia voters favorably view provisions aimed at improving the nation’s water infrastructure, ensuring that public investments are tied to requirements that products, technology, and materials used are made in America, and investments in workers and communities impacted by the nation’s energy transition.

“West Virginia’s voters recognize that the provisions in the Build Back Better plan are vital to building a clean, thriving, and equitable economy for all,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Jason Walsh of the results of the survey. “For too long the critical challenges facing our nation have been answered with inadequate half measures. This survey reveals an appetite among West Virginians for real, concrete solutions.”

The survey reveals that voters are particularly interested in the job creation potential of the Build Back Better plan. Three-quarters of those surveyed responded that bringing good jobs back to the United States by making sure more of the products we use in America are made in America (75%) is a very or fairly important reason to pass the Build Back Better plan. The voters also believe that helping rebuild the middle class with jobs that pay enough so that people can support their families (70%) and making historic investments to improve the economic situation of working people and to create more stability, security, and opportunity for America’s working families (65%); and are very or fairly important reasons to pass the legislation.

“West Virginians have become far too familiar with false promises. They know that the status quo isn’t working, and they want action now to build a better future for their state,” said Brandon Dennison, CEO of Coalfield Development. “They want clean drinking water, they want public investments to support workers here at home, and they want to make sure that the workers who powered our nation aren’t left behind.”

“As our nation builds back, it is crucial that we make investments that will support working families,” said Keena Mullins, co-founder of Revolt Energy. “As demand grows for clean technology, there is no reason for that technology not to be American-made. With the right investments, the U.S. can seize this moment in history and create a new economy that works for all.”

When asked about specific provisions included in the Build Back Better Plan, respondents had favorable responses to:

  • Rebuilding America’s water infrastructure to have cleaner, safer water, delivered more efficiently, and removing hazards like lead in water pipes, while creating good-paying jobs (77%);
  • Ensuring that major public investments include requirements that the products, technology, and materials used are made in America and the jobs provide good pay and benefits (80%);
  •  Strengthening and supporting America’s human services workforce, including care providers, front-line healthcare workers, and educators (73%);
  • Rebuilding and retooling American manufacturing and modernizing our factories to build more products and clean technology here in the United States (74%); and
  • Prioritizing investments to communities that need it most, including energy workers and miners most affected by the transition to clean energy (66%).

“West Virginians are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful locations in the nation. We can work to rebuild and build a stronger, fairer economy while preserving our natural environment,” said Angie Rosser, Executive Director of the West Virginia Rivers Coalition.

“West Virginians are tired of waiting. They want action now to rebuild the middle class, to create good-paying jobs, and to modernize our nation’s manufacturing sector,” said Dan Taylor, BlueGreen Alliance Appalachian Regional Field Organizer. “Importantly, this survey reveals how critical it is that efforts to grow the clean economy are done so in a way that ensures that the workers and communities that have kept the lights on for generations are not left behind.”


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