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Hard-Hit Communities Deserve Equitable Federal Investment


The map above shows three types of hard-hit communities:

  • Disadvantaged communities identified under the Biden administration’s Justice40 Initiative;
  • Energy communities with recent closures of coal mines or coal-fired power plants; and
  • Deindustrialized communities, as described below.

Use the filter button on the bottom left to select the layers you want displayed and the legend button on the bottom right to open and close the legend. On top left, use the home button and zoom buttons to adjust your view. The search location field on the right lets you see your immediate area (may require you to allow location services on your device). You can hold your mouse over a community to see more information on why it is included. If you’re having trouble viewing the map, click here

The map also includes the U.S. industrial base for the clean economy: all known manufacturing facilities making critical components for the growing solar, wind, battery, efficient buildings, and electric grid sectors. The overlap with hard-hit communities reveals the opportunity to use new federal investments in clean manufacturing to help reverse the history of chronic underinvestment that these communities have endured.

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