BlueGreen Alliance | Telling Your Story with BlueGreen Alliance

Telling Your Story with BlueGreen Alliance


The BlueGreen Alliance is organizing a project to showcase these stories as a powerful reminder to the public and our elected leaders that a clean environment is being built by the hands of union workers.

Here’s what participating in this project would look like: 

Participants must agree for their interview and likeness to be used in BGA’s media efforts, including

  • Audio/video for digital advertising; 
  • Case study; 
  • Website content; 
  • Social media; 
  • Byline on pre-written op-eds.

In addition, participants may opt in to other activities, such as: 

  • Media interviews* 
  • Radio/podcast feature* 
  • In-person events*

Participants must sign a release of the interview and any associated footage (a release will be provided for you). 

Participants must agree to the following engagements with BGA staff: 

  • Initial interview with the BGA Communications Team 
  • Vendor filming schedule 
  • Reshooting video content as needed 
  • Approving potential op-eds for publication 
  • Media training (only if they are participating in media or radio/ podcast interviews)

Participants will have the opportunity to approve final products and can use the final products publicly, as well. 

* Media training will be provided for participants interested in media and/or radio/podcast interviews. 


How Will We Help Share Your Story? 

There are many different ways to tell stories and we want you to be comfortable with how we do it. Every story is different so the tactics we use to tell it will be unique as well. Some of the various channels we can utilize are: 

  • Audio/video for digital advertising 
  • Case study 
  • Website content 
  • Social media 
  • Byline on pre-written op-eds 

In addition, if you are comfortable with it, we can help you tell your story directly to the media—locally, regionally, and even nationally—by pitching you as a spokesperson for media interviews and radio/podcast features. We would work with you to schedule the call, video chat, or in-person interview and also help you with media training so you’re prepared for the interview. 

An Example 

The members of United Steelworkers Local 105 at Arconic near Davenport, Iowa make aluminum for the Ford F-150 to make it lighter and more fuel efficient. In 2021, the BGA worked with members of Local 105 to make several videos highlighting two members of the local unit. The videos were part of a larger campaign to help pass what ultimately became the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, two landmark bills that invest in clean energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more to protect our environment and create good-paying, union jobs for workers across the country. The shoots for this were scheduled over two days. Participants spend two hours interviewing and the video crew was granted access to the company to shoot additional footage of people working for three hours. The videos were a huge success. The first was a 30 second video promoted on social media and on television in key markets across the country. We also created two videos that allowed two workers to tell their personal stories. The videos reached 1 million people and were an important piece of the larger campaign that resulted in the passage of the two laws. 

Check the videos out below for that story and other examples.