BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Welcomes Release of House Select Committee Report

BlueGreen Alliance Welcomes Release of House Select Committee Report

The U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis today unveiled its long-awaited committee report. The report represents the culmination of more than a year of investigation into solutions to the ongoing climate crisis including through public hearings and a public request for information.

June 30, 2020

The BlueGreen Alliance participated in one such hearing in September 2019. The report includes a set of public policy recommendations for congressional climate action.

In response to the release of the Select Committee report, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director Jason Walsh:

“Across the nation, Americans are already feeling the effects of climate change. Hurricanes and tropical storms are getting stronger and more frequent, water level rise is impacting not only our East and West Coasts but even the Great Lakes, increased droughts and longer fire seasons have devastated the West, and temperature record after temperature record is being broken.

“At the same time, our nation is battling the interconnected crises of income and racial inequality. The gap between working Americans and CEOs grows wider, and systemic racism—alongside its many consequences—exacerbates these issues for communities of color. The solutions for these crises are as interconnected as their causes and we are happy to see that many of those solutions are included in the report released today by the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, with commitments to increasing union density across the economy—including in clean energy sectors—that will ensure that climate investments deliver good jobs and healthier communities; rebuilding and investing in clean, American manufacturing; and ensuring fairness for workers and communities impacted by the transition.      

“The report is far-reaching and we look forward to working with leadership in the House to put a plan into action that provides solutions to create a stronger, cleaner, and more equitable economy that works for all Americans.”