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Green Jobs for Steel City

Green Jobs for Steel City, September 9 in Pittsburgh, brought together about 130 people to discuss the new report, Green Recovery, which showed that Pennsylvania could gain 86,000 jobs with a rapid green investment in our nation's economy.

September 10, 2008

Photo from the event

Green Jobs for the Steel City was held September 9 in Pittsburgh. With approximately 130 people in attendance, the crowd represented a diverse group including the general public, non-profit and community organizations, renewable energy companies, faith based groups, and elected officials.

Speakers included: United Steelworkers International President Leo W. Gerard, Pennsylvania State Senator Jim Ferlo, Representatives Chelsa Wagner and Matt Smith, County Executive Dan Onorato, Dr. Charles McAllister of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Will Thompkins of the Pittsburgh Project, and Bill Cagney of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Going green may bring job boom in state, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 10, 2008