Keeping Auto Industry Job Growth Depends on Continuing Fuel Economy Standards

Fuel economy standards are sustaining and growing America's manufacturing sector. Keeping this job growth going depends on continuing to lead on fuel economy.

February 13, 2017

Washington, DC (February 13, 2017) – In response to the recent letter to the president from a number of automakers that ignored the fuel economy standards process, its benefits to the industry, and cites a Center for Automotive Research jobs study that was recently debunked in the Automotive News, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director Kim Glas:

“Today’s fuel-economy standards not only are creating quality jobs around the country, reducing pollution, and saving consumers at the pump, but they are vital to continuing to grow and sustain America’s manufacturing sector. Across America, thousands of factories and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing workers have risen to the challenge of building the todays much cleaner vehicles —from cars and SUVs to heavy-duty trucks. Today more than 1,200 factories in 48 states are building the advanced technology that improves the fuel economy of today’s vehicles.

“Keeping this job growth going depends on continuing to lead on fuel economy.”