PRO Act Crucial to Protecting the Rights of Workers, Growing Thriving, Equitable Economy

March 10, 2021

The United States House of Representatives today passed the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. The PRO Act is designed to ensure workers can band together to negotiate better wages and safer working conditions by ending prohibitions on collective and class action litigation; prohibiting employers from permanently replacing striking employees; and amending how employees are defined to ensure that no one is misclassified as an independent contractor. In addition, it would strengthen remedies and enforcement for employees who are exercising their rights; create a mediation and arbitration process for new unions; protect against captive audience meetings; and streamline National Labor Relations Board procedures.

Following the introduction, the BlueGreen Alliance released a statement from Executive Director Jason Walsh:

“Strong unions mean local economies prosper, workers are safer and healthier, and our environment is safeguarded. As attempts to weaken unions and collective bargaining rights grow bolder and more reprehensible little has been done to hold those responsible accountable. The passage of the PRO Act marks a critical moment in the fight for the rights of working people.

“We cannot tackle systematic racial and economic injustice and build a clean, thriving, and equitable economy without strong unions. The PRO Act ensures workers have a fair shot to band together and collectively bargain for better wages and benefits, safer workplaces, a cleaner environment, and a better future. We urge quick passage of this important bill in the Senate.”