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Peter La Fountain


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Peter La Fountain

Peter La Fountain serves as Outreach Manager at the BlueGreen Alliance, working directly with Members of Congress and organizers across the country, with a focus on the message of economic recovery and growth.

Previously, Peter served as a policy advisor to two senior Members of Congress, where he worked on projects related to the climate crisis, specialized transit, and offshore wind incentives. Along with other campaign committee experience, he also served a placement at the White House, where he helped build talent pipelines at the Presidential Personnel Office. He originally got his start in Washington as an intern for the late Senator Lautenberg.

He earned an MPA from the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was elected student commencement speaker by his peers. While there, he led outreach related to the efficiency of freight shipping networks in Texas, and published research on the deregulatory behavior of Congress in the 1990s. He holds a BA from Boston University, and was raised in a union household in New Jersey.

Peter believes strongly in the concept of servant leadership, and holds the perspective that government should be accessible, accountable, and forward-thinking. His mission is to foster sustainable cooperation among allies, and to empower public policy that inspires faith in democracy.