BlueGreen Alliance | 20 for 10 Pennsylvania

20 for 10 Pennsylvania

A Proposal to Create Quality Jobs and Reduce Pollution by Reducing Energy Use By 20 Percent in Pennsylvania's Schools, Hospitals, and Public Buildings.

March 16, 2017

The BlueGreen Alliance today released a new analysis that showed 29,000 direct jobs could be created or sustained by 2030 by reducing energy used in the state’s hospitals, universities, schools, and health care (M.U.S.H.) sector by 20 percent. The study—20 for 10 Pennsylvania: A Proposal To Reduce Pennsylvania’s Energy Use In The M.U.S.H. Sector By 20 Percent—also found that increased efficiency in that sector would save over 68,000 gigawatt hours of energy and consumers $5.1 billion in that same time span.

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