BlueGreen Alliance | Advocacy Day: Invest in a Prosperous and Healthy America

Advocacy Day: Invest in a Prosperous and Healthy America

The BlueGreen Alliance joined with two dozen labor unions and environmental organizations to release, "Invest in a Prosperous and Healthy America" as part of Green Jobs Advocacy Day in February 2011.

February 10, 2011

Green jobs advocates urged lawmakers to create clean energy jobs through innovative financing for clean energy, igniting manufacturing and deployment, making homes, businesses and industries more efficient and ensuring a skilled, 21st century workforce. They also urged the development of a 21st century transportation infrastructure with passage of a comprehensive transportation reauthorization bill, empowering ports to create good green jobs, and ensuring American leadership in the next generation of vehicles. Finally, the group urged representatives to protect the health and safety of workers by opposing roll-backs of the Clean Air Act, reforming our laws on toxics, and updating U.S. health and safety laws.

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