BlueGreen Alliance | Better Buildings Approach

Better Buildings Approach

September 29, 2023

The BlueGreen Alliance (BGA) unites the nation’s labor unions and environmental organizations to solve today’s environmental challenges in ways that create and maintain quality jobs and build a stronger, fairer economy. Our partnership is firm in its belief that we don’t have to choose between good jobs and a clean environment—we can and must have both. BGA’s Better Buildings Approach is a framework built from these values to optimize the climate, health, equity, and job creation potential that the buildings sector represents. Outlined are three guiding principles to ensure better buildings reach that potential: 

A Better Building…

  1. is energy-efficient, healthy, and climate-resilient.
  2. is designed with equity and high-road labor standards.
  3. utilizes construction materials that are healthy, made in the United States, and low-carbon.

See our Better Buildings Approach, which is part of a larger Roadmap to Navigating Federal Funding for Public Buildings.



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