BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Calls for Robust COVID-19 Relief Package

BlueGreen Alliance Calls for Robust COVID-19 Relief Package

The BlueGreen Alliance sent a letter to Congressional Leadership urging the prioritization of workers and families as Congress continues to work to provide critical relief during the COVID-19 crisis.

August 6, 2020

As a coalition of some of the nation’s largest labor unions and environmental organizations, collectively representing millions of members and supporters, the BlueGreen Alliance urges  Congress to reject harmful provisions in the HEALS Act and instead move swiftly to advance critical relief for the COVID-19 crisis that prioritizes workers, families, and communities most in need.

Urgent relief is needed— America has surpassed 4 million cases and 150,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. The ten-week total for unemployment claims has surpassed 40 million. And months into this pandemic, workers continue to struggle to stay safe and healthy on the job, particularly as states begin to reopen parts of the economy and state and local government budgets are ravaged. We must ensure the safety of workers on the job in the face of COVID-19, whether they are healthcare workers providing critical care, workers in warehouses or grocery stores, utility workers ensuring critical infrastructure is functioning, or manufacturing workers producing essential products. And we must prioritize the most vulnerable; safeguard working peoples’ jobs, homes, and livelihoods; and shore up essential public services.

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