Blueprint for Creating Green Manufacturing Jobs in Ohio

The Ohio BlueGreen Apollo Alliance released a report providing a road map to create thousands of jobs in Ohio and positioning the state as America's Energy Gateway.

January 26, 2012

The Ohio Green Manufacturing Action Plan (GreenMAP) is a roadmap to create thousands of jobs in Ohio, ensuring the state remains competitive in the global marketplace as America’s Energy Gateway. Existing factors identified in a new report, The Ohio Green Manufacturing Action Plan (GreenMAP), such as Ohio’s 630,000 skilled workers and strong manufacturing infrastructure, make it one of the best states in the nation for clean energy manufacturers to make new investments.

The report identifies a menu of options where further incentives are necessary to continue growth. Those recommendations include: expanded financing and incentive support, prioritizing support for small- to mid-size clean energy manufacturers; expanding support for research and development; expanding workforce development programs to train employees for these new industries; expanding Ohio’s demand-side clean energy policies; and pushing for improvements in clean energy manufacturing policy at the federal and regional levels.

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