BlueGreen Alliance | Build Back Better and Clean Energy Tax Reconciliation

Build Back Better and Clean Energy Tax Reconciliation

April 11, 2022

Passing a budget reconciliation bill is the most significant jobs and climate opportunity in decades. The budget reconciliation bill passed by the United States House of Representatives this past fall would help stem the tide of climate change through investing in a clean energy economy and supporting jobs across the country. We are at a critical point in this effort; the science is unambiguous that we need to take strong action right now. To avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change, we must ensure rapid greenhouse gas emissions reductions to put America on a pathway of reducing its emissions to net zero by 2050 and to ensure we are solidly on that path by 2030. 

The build out of clean energy and domestic clean technology manufacturing and supply chains is not only good for our climate and economy, but can support our energy independence and security. We have an opportunity to pass legislation that will address climate change, create and support good union jobs, and benefit workers and communities across the country. And we can do this while getting a massive return on investment and ensuring our competitiveness in the global energy economy.

If we fail to make the investments needed and put in place smart policies, American manufacturing will continue to weaken. We have a key opportunity to reverse this trend and invest in growing clean technology manufacturing and supply chains in the U.S.

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