BlueGreen Alliance | Environment and Labor groups call for $4 Trillion infrastructure investment

Environment and Labor groups call for $4 Trillion infrastructure investment

We need immediate action that will build a more just, equitable, clean, and more prosperous American economy.

March 31, 2021

These investments and related policies can help our nation overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuild the economy, reverse growing inequality, confront systemic racism, reduce pollution, guarantee labor rights, and make necessary down payments in tackling the climate crisis. These equitable investments should be prioritized in historically disproportionately- impacted and deindustrialized communities that have borne a legacy of economic disinvestment, health challenges, and environmental harm. And the U.S. must make a robust commitment to international climate action.

Now is the time to realize a full Build Back Better agenda for the American people without delay or dilution. Facing deep economic insecurity, systemic oppression, polluted air and water, and climate disasters, millions of people across the country urgently need solutions as big as the crises we face. Those who argue for small-minded measures are on the wrong side of history.

We stand ready to work with you to promptly win the comprehensive economic renewal that our communities need.

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