BlueGreen Alliance | Manufacturing Investments to Build Back Better

Manufacturing Investments to Build Back Better

Serious action to address climate change and strengthen the U.S. economy for all requires substantial investment in rebuilding our manufacturing sector in ways that will deeply reduce emissions while building domestic supply chains and creating and protecting good jobs for workers and communities across the nation.

October 15, 2021

Provisions under consideration in the House and Senate in the Build Better Back (BBB) legislation are essential to getting this job done. We urge policymakers to invest in the expansion and retooling of domestic clean energy, vehicle and component manufacturing, the transformation of our industrial sector to reduce emissions and enhance competitiveness, as well as the necessary efforts to build out robust supply chains for critical clean technologies—all while building good jobs nationwide and investing in the communities that need it most. 

All of the United State’s major economic competitors, and particularly China, are making significant and strategic investments in the production and deployment of these technologies. If the U.S. fails to make commensurate strategic investments over the next decade as part of BBB legislation, America’s manufacturing sector and its workers will fall even further behind in the most important global economic race of our time.

This new factsheet details our policy recommendations.

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