BlueGreen Alliance | New Survey of Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and West Virginia Voters Reveals Support for Build Back Better

New Survey of Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and West Virginia Voters Reveals Support for Build Back Better

Voters see legislation as opportunity for job growth, technological leadership.

September 28, 2021

A new survey of voters in Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, and West Virginia reveals support for the Build Back Better plan—the broad economic, infrastructure, care economy, and climate crisis package currently being considered by Congress. Specifically the survey found that more than half of voters in these states are in favor of the package, which would cost up to $3.5 trillion spread out over ten years, mostly paid for by raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

“The results of this survey solidify what we already know: voters want an economic recovery plan that creates good-paying jobs that help to support their families. The time to act is now,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Jason Walsh of the results of the survey. “Workers are hungry for solutions that will improve their economic situation and create good paying jobs in their communities. Voters believe that the Build Back Better plan is how Congress can make that a reality.”

The survey reveals that voters are particularly interested in the job creation potential of the Build Back Better plan. More than two-thirds of those surveyed said the following are very or fairly important reasons to pass the Build Back Better plan: bringing good jobs back to the United States by making sure more of the products we use in America are made in America (70%); helping rebuild the middle class with jobs that pay enough so that people can support their families (69%); and creating millions of new, good-paying jobs for working people in communities across the country in fields that are important to America’s economic future (66%).

When asked about specific provisions included in the Build Back Better Plan, respondents had favorable responses to:

  • Rebuilding America’s water infrastructure to have cleaner, safer water, delivered more efficiently, and removing hazards like lead in water pipes, while creating good-paying jobs (77%);
  • Ensuring that major public investments include requirements that the products, technology, and materials used are made in America and the jobs provide good pay and benefits (77%);
  • Rebuilding and retooling American manufacturing and modernizing our factories to build more products and clean technology here in the United States (72%);
  • Strengthening and supporting America’s human services workforce, including care providers, front-line healthcare workers, and educators (71%);
  • Upgrading and modernizing our schools to save money through energy efficiency and remove toxins from school environments (70%);
  • Prioritizing investments to communities that need it most, including and low-income communities and communities of color (68%) and energy workers and miners most affected by the transition to clean energy (63%); and
  • Setting stronger protections for organized labor, fair pay, and safe working conditions (65%).

“Voters recognize not only the need for the provisions in the Build Back Better plan, but also the great potential for job creation, technological leadership, and a brighter, more fair and equitable future for our nation,” Walsh said. “The message is clear, voters support this legislation and want it passed now.”





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