BlueGreen Alliance | Solidarity For Racial Equity

Solidarity For Racial Equity

February 7, 2022

Systemic racism and oppression are knotted into all of the challenges to building a clean, healthy, and thriving economy for all— the issues that the BlueGreen Alliance was created to address. Intertwined problems require solutions that address the impact on all of the strands. Our new “Solidarity For Racial Equity” platform is designed to ensure that our environmental and economic policy work will lessen economic, racial, and environmental injustice across the United States in ways that are as mutually reinforcing as their causes and lead to a more just society.

In June, 2019, the partners of the BlueGreen Alliance issued the Solidarity for Climate Action platform with nine principles: climate stability, high-quality jobs, community resilience, repair America, rebuild American manufacturing, clean air, clean water, safe and healthy workplaces, and communities, equity for marginalized communities, fairness for workers and communities, and inclusive public dialogue.1 Each of these principles offers up the opportunity for policies and programs that address racism, inequity, and injustice. This document builds on that platform and provides more details for how government actions can address structural racism.

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