BlueGreen Alliance | Testimony of Ben Beachy Before the House Ways and Means Committee

Testimony of Ben Beachy Before the House Ways and Means Committee

BlueGreen Alliance Vice President of Manufacturing and Industrial Policy Ben Beachy testified at the House Ways and Means Committee entitled, “U.S. Tax Code Subsidizing Green Corporate Handouts and the Chinese Communist Party."

April 19, 2023

Beachy discussed how the Inflation Reduction Act helps to advance job quality and job access in critical clean energy sectors, targeting communities that have been historically left behind and disinvested in previously.

He concluded by saying, “Within six months of President Biden’s signature on the Inflation Reduction Act, companies announced a wave of solar, battery, and other clean technology manufacturing investments that will create more than 100,000 jobs across 31 states to make the nuts and bolts of a clean energy economy. Many of the job openings will be in communities that have endured decades of divestment, deindustrialization, and economic insecurity.”

“That response to the Inflation Reduction Act’s unprecedented federal funding is faster than anyone predicted. It offers an early validation of the strategy behind the law: to wield public investments to support climate action, good jobs, and greater equity at the same time. With strong implementation, the benefits of this win-win strategy will continue to grow as new investments arrive in communities in the months and years to come.”

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