BlueGreen Alliance | Testimony of Jason Walsh to the Senate Committee on Finance

Testimony of Jason Walsh to the Senate Committee on Finance

BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Jason Walsh today testified at a virtual hearing of the Senate Finance Committee entitled "Climate Challenges: The Tax Code’s Role in Creating American Jobs, Achieving Energy Independence, and Providing Consumers with Affordable, Clean Energy."

April 27, 2021

Walsh talked about how the Senate Finance Committee and U.S. tax code can play a critical role in addressing the climate crisis, creating good jobs, and injecting equity into our society as we work to rebuild our economy and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

He concluded saying, “Through federal tax policy, we can make strategic investments in clean energy projects in ways that ensure the jobs created are good jobs and that the investments deliver gains for American manufacturing, for workers, and for communities, particularly disadvantaged communities and workers. I urge this committee to advance policies to support clean energy development together with high-road labor standards and policies to reinvigorate our domestic supply chains and American manufacturing, and to prioritize these investments in places hit by energy transition and deindustrialization.”

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