BlueGreen Alliance | Then and Now: Worker Safety Under Trump and Biden

Then and Now: Worker Safety Under Trump and Biden

April 26, 2024

Every worker in the United States should be able to go home at the end of the workday in the same or better health than they started. Unfortunately, we know that’s not always the case. Workers Memorial Day, April 28th, honors the people who didn’t come home and serves as an opportunity to renew our pledge to lower the number of preventable deaths that take away parents, partners, children, and other loved ones.

A large part of the job of ensuring worker safety falls to the federal government. We can see in the last seven years the impact—positive or deadly—of an administration’s prioritization of working people and their safety. The track record clearly illustrates that the previous administration endangered workers at every turn, consistently signaling to companies that the government would not punish them for threatening the safety and health of their employees.

We can also see a dramatic shift from the current administration. President Biden has consistently prioritized worker safety and has implemented numerous policies to make workplaces safer and healthier and increase oversite of companies and employers.

In September 2020, The BlueGreen Alliance released Misled: The Impact of the Trump Administration’s Agenda on Working Families and the Environment, an analysis of a range of policy actions made by the Trump administration. Now, four years later, we can compare these policies alongside those of the Biden administration and clearly illustrate the impact of an administration’s prioritization of worker health and safety.

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