BlueGreen Alliance | Working Class People on Jobs and the Environment

Working Class People on Jobs and the Environment

Working people are worried about the availability of good-paying jobs in their communities, they are concerned about wages falling behind the cost of living, and they believe corporate greed and outsourcing are the biggest reasons America is losing good-paying jobs.

May 31, 2018

Throughout the Midwest, working people want a new plan for the economy that creates good jobs and protects the environment by investing in training for the jobs of today and tomorrow; repairing, modernizing, and upgrading our infrastructure; and making the United States a leader in the manufacturing of cutting edge technologies. They prioritize clean air and clean water, and support clean energy, and they see it as part of the future. Further, working people reject attempts by politicians to divide us by creating a false conflict between good jobs and a clean environment.

These are the results of a two-year research project conducted by the BlueGreen Alliance. Click the link below to download the research.

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