BlueGreen Alliance Applauds Stonewall Inn National Monument Designation

BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Kim Glas's statement on the Stonewall Inn national monument designation.

June 24, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC (June 24, 2016) – Following President Obama’s designation of the Stonewall Inn and Christopher Park as a national monument, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director Kim Glas:

“We applaud President Obama for designating the Stonewall Inn and Christopher Park a national monument. This is the birthplace of the modern LGBT movement and is now the first addition to National Park System specifically highlighting the history of the LGBT community.

“We are proud that this historic landmark is being recognized for its critical role in the modern LGBT civil rights movement. While there is still much to do, today we are honored to be part of the great patchwork that is the American people and are proud to have a President that recognizes and celebrates our diversity and strength as a nation.”