Congressman Farr, Labor-Environmental Partnership and Local Community Leaders Call for Action to Create and Keep 21st Century Jobs

Community, labor and environmental leaders today joined Congressman Sam Farr at the nation's 10,000th LEED-certified commercial project in order to support President Obama's American Jobs Act. The Act will create millions of good jobs across America.

October 19, 2011

Event at 10,000th LEED-Certified Commercial Building in Nation Focused on Investments and Policies to Get America Working Again

SANTA CRUZ, CA (October 19, 2011) – Community, labor and environmental leaders today joined Congressman Sam Farr at a press conference at the nation’s 10,000th LEED-certified commercial project to call for action on President Obama’s American Jobs Act and on other investments and policies — including investments in building energy efficiency — that will create millions of good, American jobs in sectors across our economy, including manufacturing, construction, education and more.

“Green jobs can put Americans back to work doing the grave work America needs done,” said Congressman Sam Farr. “We are ready to build our green economy and bring green jobs into our communities. The bottom line is that green jobs are good jobs that can jump start job creation and help preserve and clean our environment.”

Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold, Monterey Bay Area Central Labor Council Executive Director Cesar Lara, Live Oak Family Resource Center Executive Director Elizabeth Schilling and Lisa Hoyos, the California Director for the BlueGreen Alliance, joined Congressman Farr in his call tocreate and keep good jobs.

“There are millions of Californians unemployed right now and we need strong, forward-thinking leadership to get our state and nation back on track,” said Supervisor Leopold. “The clean economy in California is one of the few bright spots and the rest of the world isn’t standing by waiting for us to catch up in the race for good jobs. We need smart policies and strategic investments that will help us win these jobs.”

The event took place at the Live Oak Family Resource Center, which focuses on improving the quality of life and strengthening the individuals and families of Live Oak while promoting a safe and healthy community. The center is the nation’s 10,000thLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified commercial project by the U.S. Green Building Council. The designation was given out earlier this year.

“I see people every day that want to work and need to work, but they aren’t working because there are a lack of jobs,” said Lara. “Rebuilding roads and bridges, and making our buildings — whether homes or businesses or schools — more energy efficient will create good jobs while saving energy and reducing pollution.”

“I’m proud of our community and the work we do,” said Schilling. “We’re here helping out those that need it in one of the most dire times economic situations our country has seen in decades, but we can’t do it alone.”

The press conference was part of Jobs21!, a nationwide, grassroots effort coordinated by the BlueGreen Alliance, focused on the jobs and industries of the 21st century — renewable energy, manufacturing, transportation, and modernizing schools and other public buildings, homes, and businesses to be more energy efficient — to put millions of Americans to work.

“We know that one the fastest and smartest ways to lay a strong economic and environmental foundation for 21stcentury isthrough sustainable buildings,” said Hoyos. “Today, we’re at a building that is saving energy and reducing pollution with people who are working to help get our communities and our economy back on track. Now, we need action to get our economy moving again.”

Following the press conference, local leaders joined Congressman Farr for a walk-through of the Live Oak Family Resource Center.