Failure to Approve Clean Energy Tax Extenders Puts Jobs in Limbo

Dave Foster said the Senate's failure to extend clean energy extenders was a mistake. "It’s not only the future of the renewable energy industries at stake, it’s also all the workers who stand to lose their jobs without it."

March 13, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 13, 2012) Today, the Senate debated a measure that would add important job creating tax extender provisions for renewable energy investments to a bipartisan two-year transportation bill slated for a vote later this week. The Senate did not approve the measure, leaving an uncertain future for renewable energy tax cuts such as the Production Tax Credit. BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Dave Foster released the following statement on the amendment:

“Progress on extending renewable energy tax cuts is long overdue. Today’s vote against Senator Stabenow’s amendment is a mistake. It’s not only the future of solid growth renewable energy industries such as solar, wind and geothermal at stake, it’s also all of the workers who stand to lose their jobs without it and thousands more who could get back to work in new jobs created by passing these provisions.

“Renewable energy tax credits have had an impact across the economy, lighting up our nation’s manufacturing centers again, putting people to work installing and maintaining solar panels and wind turbines and creating more jobs that indirectly support these industries.

“Renewing investments in proven job creators can put America back on the cutting edge of innovation. Slamming the brakes now isn’t an option.”