BlueGreen Alliance | Michigan, Wisconsin Women of Steel Support EPA’s Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Michigan, Wisconsin Women of Steel Support EPA’s Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Michigan and Wisconsin Women of Steel recently passed a resolution declaring their support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

July 22, 2011

Women of Steel Pass Resolution Supporting EPA’s Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Say Such Measures Create Jobs and Make America More Globally Competitive

DETROIT, MI (July 22, 2011) The Michigan and Wisconsin Women of Steel, an organization within the United Steelworkers dedicated to advancing working women’s issues, recently passed a resolution declaring their support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to limit greenhouse gas emissions, saying that such limits will help create good jobs safeguard communities and make America more competitive in the 21st century global economy. In addition, the organization endorsed essential complementary policies that will further advance and maximize job creation in the clean energy economy.

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“We know that protecting the health and safety of our children and our communities must be one of our top priorities, and by doing that, we can create good jobs and ensure that the U.S. leads the 21st century economy,” said Tonya DeVore, Women of Steel Coordinator, United Steelworkers District 2. “Creating good jobs in manufacturing, construction, education and other sectors – that is what will get our economy moving again and that is how we will make our communities better for the next generation.”

The five Women of Steel Councils of Michigan each passed the resolution, including the Detroit Area Council, Central Area Council, Northern Area Council, Western Area Council, and Manistee Area Council. In Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the resolution passed at the Munising, Wausau, Neenah, and Milwaukee Area Councils.

Women of Steel encompasses a diverse set of activities, issues and initiatives that are directed at propelling women into activist roles at all levels of the union. With their involvement and energy, the culture of the USW continues to grow and advance working women’s issues as part of its regular agenda. The Women of Steel passed the resolutions during recent quarterly meetings.

“Right now, there are far too many people unemployed or unable to find full-time employment, and we have an opportunity to put people back to work by building a 21st century economy in the United States,” said Linda Lucas, Women of Steel Michigan Coordinator. “Climate change is a huge threat to our economy and public health, and if we don’t act soon, we’ll fall behind other nations in the race for good, clean energy jobs that will help address climate change and revitalize our middle class.”

“Passing these resolutions illustrates the importance the members of the Women of Steel place on the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren and the environment they live in,” said Julie Stein, Women of Steel Wisconsin Coordinator.  “And, we will continue to work on these and other important issues that affect our families, our communities, and the environment.”

The resolutions were part of Jobs21!, coordinated by the BlueGreen Alliance – a nationwide partnership of labor unions and environmental organizations dedicated to expanding the number and quality of jobs in the U.S. economy – in support of a plan to create millions of jobs by investing in the 21st century clean energy economy.  For more information about Jobs21!, go to

“The jobs we have now, and the jobs of tomorrow, will be driven by the industries of the 21st century,” said Sue Browne, Regional Program Manager for the BlueGreen Alliance in Michigan and Wisconsin. “We can put people to work, revitalize our economy, reduce pollution, and break our dependence on foreign oil all at the same time. We should do everything we can to make these goals a reality.”