BlueGreen Alliance | President’s Budget is a Travesty for Workers, Environment

President’s Budget is a Travesty for Workers, Environment

President Donald Trump today released his Fiscal Year 2021 budget request. The request makes deep cuts in funding for a number of programs including several aimed at protecting the environment, ensuring worker safety, investing in innovation and boosting American competitiveness, and helping workers and communities impacted by the shift to cleaner, cheaper forms of energy.

February 10, 2020

In response, the BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director Jason Walsh:

“This budget is an absolute travesty—it includes massive cuts to measures to protect the environment, safeguard workers, and to position the U.S. to compete for the jobs of the future. If working people had any doubt at this point about whether Donald Trump values workers and the environment, it’s pretty clear today with this budget that he values neither.”