BlueGreen Alliance | BlueGreen Alliance Urges Passage of the Coal Miners Protection Act

BlueGreen Alliance Urges Passage of the Coal Miners Protection Act

Here is Kim Glas' statement on the advancement of the Coal Miners Protection Act by the Senate Finance Committee today.

September 21, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 21, 2016) The Senate Finance Committee is expected to advance the Coal Miners Protection Act today, which would secure pension and health care benefits for 120,000 retired mineworkers. The BlueGreen Alliance urges swift Congressional passage of this important legislation. The following is a statement from BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director Kim Glas:

“Congress should quickly move to secure the pensions and health care benefits of more than 120,000 mine workers in the United States.

“It’s critical that the workers and communities from coal regions get the tools and resources they need not just to survive but to thrive as market forces drive major changes in the economy. This cannot be achieved without the Coal Miners Protection Act.

“Additionally, we must directly support impacted workers and communities by driving resources to help develop and implement plans that will bring new job opportunities and economic diversification to affected regions. We look forward to working with Congress and the Obama administration to make these important measures a reality.”