STATEMENT: Proposed Weakening of EPA Methane Rule Endangers Workers, Wastes Resources, and Increases Pollution

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed today a rule significantly weakening standards for methane waste from new and modified sources in the oil and gas industry. 

September 11, 2018

The BlueGreen Alliance released the following statement from Executive Director Kim Glas in response to the announcement:

“We know reducing methane waste protects our environment, reduces energy waste, and safeguards workers and communities exposed to dangerous emissions—like the carcinogen benzene. Taking action to reduce these emissions is also an opportunity to create and sustain jobs around the country. In fact, an estimated 50,000 jobs could be created in the United States over the next decade in a variety of sectors—including manufacturing—by adopting leak-reducing technologies and practices like those required by these standards.

“Weakening this rule is the wrong move—it will stifle job creation and innovation, waste resources, and endanger workers.