BlueGreen Alliance | Stopping Efforts on Climate Change Bad for Workers, Environment

Stopping Efforts on Climate Change Bad for Workers, Environment

The BlueGreen Alliance's Kim Glas responds to President Trump's Executive Order rolling back worker and environmental protections.

March 28, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC (March 28, 2017) – President Donald Trump today is expected to sign an Executive Order directing federal agencies to roll back several protections designed to help address climate change and protect communities. The BlueGreen Alliance’s Executive Director Kim Glas released the following statement:

“The false choice offered by the Trump administration and Republican leadership in Congress—this notion that Americans must choose between good jobs and safe workplaces or a clean environment—has been refuted again and again. When workers across this nation banded together to form unions and when Americans demanded environmental protections like the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, over and over again we have proven that creating quality, family-sustaining jobs and environmental and workplace protections go hand-in-hand.

“From clean energy to fuel economy standards to energy efficiency, efforts to clean up our environment are creating and sustaining good jobs around the country. They are the solutions that Americans are asking for, not more attacks on workers and the environment.”