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The Washington BlueGreen Alliance is coordinating efforts to ensure Washington turns its environmental challenges into economic opportunities.

About the Washington BlueGreen Alliance

The BlueGreen Alliance in Washington has a strong local membership of labor, environmental, and community organizations working towards shared goals at the local, state, and national levels. We seek to build and maintain strong, constructive relationships between these constituencies and work together to advance shared prosperity, sustainability, good jobs, and healthy communities.

For more information on our work, contact Jessica Koski at jkoski@bluegreenalliance.org.

Our Work

Climate and Jobs


Children making signs for the Seattle People’s Climate March in 2015. Photo: Kristi Nakata

Climate change and inequality are among the biggest challenges we face today, and the BlueGreen Alliance in Washington State is working to identify ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while building a clean energy economy that promotes broadly shared prosperity, health and equity in all our communities.

Currently, we are working to engage a wide variety of labor voices in discussions about climate, jobs, and equity. Our Policy Coordinator Jessica Koski serves as the BlueGreen Alliance Liaison to the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, and works to bring more labor voices into state discussions about climate policy options that could serve the needs of all our state’s workers, and communities, as well as our shared environment. We helped to organize the Seattle People’s Climate Movement march in October 2015, which drew 1,000 attendees and highlighted labor and community voices related to equitable climate action.

Read the Washington State BlueGreen Alliance Climate Policy Principles.

In 2015, the Washington State Labor Council ratified a resolution on climate and jobs that called for the organization to evaluate and support science based carbon reduction goals and policies including, but not limited, to cap and invest, clean fuel standards, and energy efficiency viewed through the equity lens in this resolution.

Bellingham Waterfront

We are working with the Blue-Green Waterfront Coalition in Bellingham to ensure the waterfront redevelopment process includes responsible environmental cleanup and builds a healthy economic base with good jobs. We have led successful community forums and built relationships with officials from the Port, tribes, and other waterfront stakeholders. Our aim is to advance a shared vision on the waterfront that provides family-sustaining jobs and contributes to sustainability in the economy and the local environment—including through attracting clean energy industries such as local solar panel production.


We have been actively involved in opposing flawed trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including through supporting passage of resolutions at the Seattle and Bellingham City Councils against Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority. We raise awareness with our members about how current trade rules like investor-state dispute settlement threaten our ability to make decisions locally to promote fair labor standards and a clean energy economy.

Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency

The Washington BlueGreen Alliance supports a variety of local projects related to infrastructure, including taking energy efficiency to scale throughout Washington and water infrastructure opportunities that will enhance resiliency to climate change while creating good jobs. We are also exploring transportation infrastructure opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and promote local equity, including public transit infrastructure initiatives and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Blue-Green Dialogue and Relationship Development

The Washington BlueGreen Alliance organizes monthly meetings where members share updates on their work and priorities, engage in coordinated activities, and build understanding between labor and environmental constituencies. Our Policy Coordinator Stephanie also meets frequently to have one-on-one discussions with members to ensure a deep understanding of their key issues and to be responsive to local needs and priorities.


Key Facts

77,900 jobs A 2014 BlueGreen Alliance report showed approximately 77,900 jobs could be created or sustained across the Washington economy each year by making much-­needed investments in our basic infrastructure systems. (Source)