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Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initiative

Led by Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and the BlueGreen Alliance, the Mayors' Green Manufacturing Initiative is working to make the two cities the center of green manufacturing.

October 29, 2009

mayorsFor three years, the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul collaborated with the BlueGreen Alliance to create a plan to recruit and retain companies that provide green manufacturing jobs.

Despite the economic downturn of the past few years, Minneapolis and Saint Paul can and will lead the state, nation and world in creating sustainable, green jobs. The Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initiative is key to achieving this goal of a strong local economy based on a sound and sustainable foundation.

The first report—”Making it Green“—examined strengths and growth opportunities for manufacturing of green products and developed a list of recommended next steps.

Building on the initial report, Minneapolis and Saint Paul and the BlueGreen Alliance compiled additional information, based on these recommendations, that provide the base of knowledge needed to ensure an effective strategic economic development partnership between the cities.

“Current Structures, Strategies and Examples for Economic Development” examines the best practices of other cities and states.

“The Green Chemistry Landscape in Minneapolis Saint Paul” explores the status of the green chemical industry in the metropolitan area.

“Municipal Solid Waste Reclamation Trends: A Local and National Perspective” examines national and local trends for recycling and composting and what tools and resources are needed to attract and grow jobs in those areas.

“What Business Wants: Growing Green Jobs in Minneapolis Saint Paul” assesses the potential for market and job growth in the Metro area and identifies the policies needed to compete in green chemistry, waste reclamation and solar and wind energy technology.

“Directory, Market Analysis and Employment Opportunities in the Twin Cities Green Marketplace” consists of a directory of Twin Cities green businesses, market analysis based on a survey of some of these businesses and recommendations to develop and improve green employment opportunities in the Twin Cities.

Green Economy Partnership Processis a report from the Minnesota Environmental Initiative outlining the Work Group’s recommended partnership-based structure to further develop and support the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota’s green economy.

Manufacturing Better Business” is a strategic plan to create good, green manufacturing jobs in Minneapolis Saint Paul through the Thinc.GreenMSP partnership.

The Mayors’ Green Manufacturing Initiative is supported by the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation.