BlueGreen Alliance | The Truly Baffling Case of the GOP’s Latest Attack on American Jobs

The Truly Baffling Case of the GOP’s Latest Attack on American Jobs

April 26, 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act is a historic investment to create good-paying union jobs, reduce the emissions driving climate change, and revitalize the U.S. manufacturing sector. This law, for the first time at the federal level, made sure that we had job quality and manufacturing incentives for the clean energy investments that will drive down climate emissions 40% by 2030

We asked the Political Economic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst to estimate how many jobs the Inflation Reduction Act will create over the next decade. They found the investments in clean energy, electric vehicles (EVs), manufacturing, building efficiency and more will create more than 9 million jobs over a decade across the country. And, our friends at Climate Power found that it’s already working. Their latest report said, “In the months since the landmark climate and clean energy investments became law, clean energy companies have announced or moved forward with projects accounting for more than 142,000 new clean energy jobs” around the country.” 

That’s remarkable. 

What’s more remarkable is that the House GOP seems dead set on cutting off their nose to spite their own face because they’re going to vote on what they’re calling the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023.” The name is truly disingenuous. If we actually named bills by what they did, this would be the “Ship U.S. Jobs Overseas Act.” 


A lot of stuff that will make you scratch your head.

For example, the Inflation Reduction Act tied where electric vehicle (EV) batteries are made to how much of the tax credit a consumer received. This makes sense when you know that 75% of the world’s lithium batteries are made in China. If we’re going to build a clean economy on a foundation of good jobs and reliable supply chains rather than human rights abuses, we need to incentivize manufacturers to make their batteries in the United States and North America. This will both help us onshore a critical industry and make sure that U.S. auto workers aren’t left out in the cold as we transition to EVs and other advanced vehicles. 

Seems great, right? So, why are the GOP striking out language in their debt ceiling disaster bill that is already working to bring battery manufacturing here to the U.S.? I’d wait for you to come up with any logical reason for this, but since there isn’t one, we’ll just move on. 

Let’s talk about clean energy.  If we’re truly worried about clean energy jobs going overseas, then we should be glad the Inflation Reduction Act’s investments will make clean energy at home. The clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act will create more than 1.7 million jobs, expand U.S. clean energy manufacturing, and dramatically expand access to solar, wind, and other clean energy sources in hard-hit communities. 

However, the Republican bill would gut clean energy provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act and ensure that America’s clean energy future is made overseas in countries that use forced labor. Their plan would also strip the standards that ensure clean energy jobs are good-paying, safe jobs staffed with workers that are properly trained. And, the GOP bill would get rid of vital credits that would grow clean energy jobs in rural communities and communities that have suffered job losses for decades due to offshoring of manufacturing jobs.

Next, there’s the elephant in the room. A lot of these investments are actually going to districts represented by the very folks leading the charge to roll them back. It’s kinda awkward to have to point this out to members of Congress who (you would think) would know the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act in their hometowns.

Finally, there’s more. It’s bad. We can all just agree it’s bad.


Glad you asked. First, write your member of Congress and tell them to vote no on this disaster, otherwise known as the “Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023.” 

Second, talk to your family and your friends about the wonderful thing that is the Inflation Reduction Act. They may not even know about it, but you can help them learn and get them to petition their members of Congress, as well. 

The law itself is really complicated (tax credits and such usually are) but the topline of what it will do to deliver for workers and the environment are actually pretty simple. Here are a few key points to help you out:

  • The Inflation Reduction Act invests in all of us. It is revitalizing U.S. manufacturing and growing clean energy around the country.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act will make sure we build our clean energy future here in the U.S. and has the standards in place to make sure the jobs we create are good-paying and safe jobs in the communities that need them the most.

  • It will tackle climate change by reducing emissions by 40% by 2030, support greater economic and racial justice, and create the good-paying, union jobs we need to give all workers the opportunity for a middle-class life.

  • A vote to repeal the job-creating tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act is a vote against our national security, good-paying jobs for working people, tackling climate change and reducing pollution, and revitalizing U.S. manufacturing. 

Finally, we can’t let our guard down. The GOP seems hell bent on sending our jobs overseas. We need to speak up and get involved to win this fight.